Condor Hospitality

As reported in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), on November 19, 2021, Condor Hospitality Trust, Inc. (the “Company”) completed the sale of all its hotels plus additional assets and other items related to its hotel portfolio and the Company is winding up its affairs.

 The Company has simplified its employee group, with one person serving as the sole executive for the completion of the winding up of the Company’s affairs. Jill Burger has assumed the positions of President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer of the Company.

The Company filed a Form 25 with the SEC and the NYSE American (the “Exchange”) to the delist its Common Stock  with the trading of its Common Stock on the Exchange being suspended on or before December 31, 2021. The Company does not expect that a trading market will develop for its Common Stock following suspension of trading on the Exchange. The Company expects that the official delisting of its Common Stock will be effective on or about December 31, 2021.