George R. Whittemore
Former President & CEO, Supertel Hospitality, Inc.

Mr. Whittemore has served as a director of the Company since November 1994. Mr. Whittemore served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company until August 15, 2004. Mr. Whittemore served as Senior Vice President and Director of both Anderson & Strudwick, Incorporated, a brokerage firm based in Richmond, Virginia, and Anderson & Strudwick Investment Corporation, from October 1996 until October 2001. Anderson & Strudwick has served as an underwriter for Company public stock offerings. He served as a director and the President and Managing Officer of Pioneer Federal Savings Bank and its parent, Pioneer Financial Corporation, from September 1982 until August 1994, when these institutions were acquired by a merger with Signet Banking Corporation (now Wells Fargo Corporation). Mr. Whittemore was appointed President of Mills Value Adviser, Inc., a registered investment advisor, in April 1996. Mr. Whittemore is currently a director of Village Bank & Trust in Richmond, Virginia. He also serves as a director of Lightstone Value Plus Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. and Lightstone Value Plus Real Estate Investment Trust II, Inc. and serves on the audit committee of both of these companies. Mr. Whittemore is a graduate of the University of Richmond.